The Luna Micro Pulse Steam Cleaner gives you a total home steam cleaning system where you can clean and sanitize by killing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on almost any surface! Luna is the first steam cleaner of its kind combining Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology and 3 levels of adjustable steam control with illumination from a powerful LED light source.
The Luna attacks the truly tough dirt, grime and heavily soiled areas. Its revolutionary Micro Pulse Technology vibrates at over 5400 vibrations per minute, giving you a powerful scrubbing effect without you doing the work. The sonic vibration loosens dirt and grime in those deep, contoured areas and even cleans dried, sticky messes. The Micro Pulse feature reduces your cleaning time and effort.
The Luna Micro Pulse Steam Cleaner has an incredibly low profile swivel head; it can go where other mops simply can’t reach. The 180 degree swivel head lets you maneuver anywhere, even the tightest spaces.
The Luna makes your cleaning time faster and easier with its extra wide head and it’s equipped with an LED light that illuminates your cleaning path to help find hidden soiled areas behind and under objects.
As a floor steam cleaner, choose the level of steam on the LED steam indicator; low for dusting, medium for mopping or high for scrubbing. These steam levels are designed to clean all types of sealed floor surfaces; stone, tile, hardwoods and vinyl.




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Manual: Click for PDF
Voltage: 120V
Power: 1500W
Operation Time: 20 minutes
Tank Size: 450 ML
Unit Weight: 6.6
Shipping Weight: 12
Cord Length: 25 feet

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